Selecting The Right Archery Equipment

archery equipmentArchery has gone a long way from just being a means of survival during the olden times to becoming one of the ultimate Outdoor Sports in the whole wide world. The Egyptians are believed to be the inventors of the first bow and arrow in the history. They were used mainly to hunt animals for food and to protect themselves during ancient tribal battles. In the 15th century, however, firearms and ammunition replaced bows and arrows as war weapon. Though there were tribes that continued to use bow and arrow to defend their territories, its use to neighboring lands became limited to a mere recreational activity.

Archery as a sport

Archery is a fun physical activity. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to firing and other sports. If you are just a newbie in archery and you’ve just decided to join the hundreds of thousand archers in the world, you may need to decide having your own set of equipment.

What are the basic archery equipment needed by beginners?

Just like any other Outdoor Sports, archery requires beginners of the basic equipment. This includes bow, arrow, target, quiver, armguard and a finger tab. A set may range from $120 to $700. The armguard and finger tab are a must for beginners. The former is to protect the arms from injuries especially when you release the arrow with full strength, while the latter is to protect the finger from the bowstring as you prepare for the arrow release.

A quiver is used to bag all the arrows you carry during practice. It is safer to have them housed in one place especially when not in use. Modern arrow quivers are more comfortable than the old fashioned ones. They have belts that you can put around your waist so your shoulders will not hurt as you carry one. They also have pockets, usually more than one, where you can place your phone and other stuff that you may want to bring. On the other hand, traditional quivers are simpler in design. They are usually in tube like containers that you can just throw around your back while shooting.

Bow and Arrow

There are three kinds of bow in the market. Bows can be recurve, longbow and compound. Though professionals advise beginners to use recurve bows over the other types, a perfect bow is usually bought for comfort. A bow is considered as the most important archery equipment. If the bow is too heavy the archer may have a muscle injury. A draw weight of 16 t 20 lbs is what beginners must aim for. Lighter bows’ range is not the best but then again, range should be the least of a beginner’s concerns. Besides, the bow’s weight can be adjusted gradually as beginners become more experienced.
Arrow’s size depends on the bow’s size. Hence, they should be bought together. A long with heavy draw weight bow requires long arrow; and shorter bows need shorter arrows. Beginners can use the more flexible makes of arrows such as wood and aluminum.

It is best to visit archery pro-shops when buying for equipment. Their sales people can help you find your bow’s height, draw weight and arrow length. That is also the best place to ask whatever questions you may have regarding the sport.

Lastly, archery is a sport not just a mere hobby. Before even thinking of spending your hard earned money on equipment, make sure that you are really into the sport. Otherwise, you can take a step back and check out other Outdoor Sports activities that best suit your lifestyle and athletic ability.

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